While grim and grinning ghosts socialize inside the Haunted Mansion, there’s a small but ominously odd plot of land outside that leaves its own mark on mortals who venture by this time of year!   

The pet cemetery, located on a haunting hillside outside the Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World Resort, is a gothic garden for dearly departed animals, including a beloved snake, a cat with nine lives and others.    

This eerily enchanting gravesite was inspired by the popular pet cemetery at Disneyland Resort – originally created by Walt Disney Imagineering in the 1980s. And similar to the original, the Walt Disney World Resort pet cemetery includes headstones with witty epitaphs.  

So, with Halloween just days away, we’re sharing a ghostly glimpse at the epitaphs and the animal-shaped headstones that seem to come alive as shadows creep across this patch of lawn.  

Dog with flower basket: Rover – “Every dog has his day, too bad today was your last.” 1898

Snake: “Met his fate at the hands of a garden rake.” Rest in Pieces. 1882

Duck: Beloved Waddle – “Little Waddle saw the truck, but little Waddle didn’t duck.” 1928

Poodle: Little Maizy – “So prim and proper and never lazy, all you do now is push up daises.” R.I.P. 1923

Cat: Marking most of its nine deaths:

At 1:00 – the date is 1898 and the cause was “Bad catnip.”

At 2:00 – 1856, “A shoe at two.”

At 3:00 – 1857, “ Sour milk.”

At 4:00 – 1858, “Hairball”.

At 5:00 – 1859, “One bad year.”

At 6:00 – 1859, “same year.”

At 7:00 – 1860, “Local dog.”

At 8:00 – 1861, “Fell off limb.”

Parrot: Jed – 1889

Monkey: 1871

We hope you enjoyed this ghostly gravesite tour of the Haunted Mansion’s pet cemetery.  Be sure to check back for more Disney Halloween surprises by visiting our new “Everything Halloween” page.

Source: Disney Parks Blog