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Dennis M Brown

Travel Advisor Specializing in Disney Destinations

Team Leader 

Walt Disney World® Resort; Disney Cruise Line; Disneyland® Resort, Disney Group Planning

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Completed Agent Education Programs

Walt Disney World 2011 and 2014

Disneyland 2013

Disney Cruise Line 2013

Adventures by Disney Long Weekends 2016

Glass Slipper Concierge Education Programs

Walt Disney World 2013

Walt Disney World 2014

Walt Disney World 2016

Universal Orlando 2017

My story:
Dennis Brown is, to say the least, an experienced Disney travel agent. He has visited Walt Disney World® Resort every year since 2000. He leaves no stone unturned when it comes to Disney Destinations or for that matter no aspect of Disney un-photographed.

A talented photographer with a degree in Interior Design from the Institute of Art of Dallas, he capitalized on his disposition toward the graphic arts when he worked creatively on numerous feature films and television projects. To get a feel for the “most magical place on earth” as seen through Dennis’ eyes, you’re invited to browse Dennis where  his photos will whet your appetite. He’ll even consider being your own private photographer on your next Disney vacation!

Dennis’ enthusiasm for all things Disney is unmatched. He has attended all three Disney Agent Education Programs at Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland® Resort, and Disney Cruise Line. In 2017 Dennis added to his repertoire by going to Disneyland and Walt Disney World. He is a charter member of D23, an insider group of Disney aficionados.

In 2017, he planned a weekend company getaway for 57 rooms over a three-day adventure.  If your company is looking for a getaway, he has the experience to bring the adventure together.

All of which adds up to an ideal Glass Slipper Concierge® vacation planning resource for you, during the holidays or any other time of year. His in-depth approach to acquiring knowledge and nuance of the theme parks and resorts make Dennis a true asset in arranging your perfect Disney vacation.

Dennis M Brown